This page provides links to a selection of video tutorials

Ian Harrison of Basingstoke Croquet Club has produced a very useful easy to follow series of video guides to playing golf croquet

Module 1  Looks at the origins of the game of golf croquet, and how it is played.

Module 2  The turn: shots that can be played, hitting balls away, how to run hoops and some faults that may be made when hitting the ball

Module 3  Tactical play, the offside rule and what happens when a wrong ball is played.

Module 4  Looking at non-striking faults, etiquette, calling a referee and more tactics.

Module 5  How to play to win, level play and handicap play using extra turns 

Module 6  Special shots, elements of giving or taking advice and interference winning games when playing to 13th hoop

Videos from other sources

How to do jump shots Wilson Fletcher Croquet shows various techniques used to make a ball jump over another ball

Double tap  Jeff Soo shows clean shots and double taps at normal speed and in slow motion. Includes signs to distinguish when a    double tap has occurred.

Basic association croquet Ian Harrison explains the basics of association croquet

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