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Croquet association the national organisation for croquet click here 

Croquet association shop for mallets, clothing, books and equipment click here 

Golf Croquet Synopsis, a useful guide for beginners click here 

Basic rules of golf croquet, a guide to playing the game with the most commonly referred to rules click here 

Simplified guide to common errors and faults, covers offside, wrong ball, non-striking errors and striking errors click here 

4th Edition Rules of golf croquet, full rules - useful for tournament play click here 

Big Game Hunters have been selling croquet sets and accessories since the company's formation in the late 90s and recognise the enjoyment and spirit of competition that the game can bring.  Enter Shop Here


Decision Tree On Wicket Approaches.pdf

Golf Croquet Fault And Wrong Ball Chart.pdf

Learning The Three Approach Shots.pdf

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