Joining Beckford Croquet Club

Annual membership fee is £80 for 2018, this reflects the cost of lawn maintenance and equipment, as well as the Croquet Association affiliation fee for each member. 

New members joining in July and August pay a reduced subscription of £50;  joining after September 1st costs £40.
The full annual membership fee applies for subsequent years.

Membership fees are set at the Annual General Meeting and are applied from the following January 1st when renewal is due.

Membership Application Form 2018.pdf

The Rules

The rules of golf croquet are relatively simple, but do need to be mastered. This avoids 'misunderstandings' during a game. At Beckford CC each player is given the task of being their own referee; it is an honourable game. If you commit a foul and opponents don't notice, do declare the fault. New players should focus on learning about faults, because your opponent may notice a fault that you don't know about. New members are supplied with cards which give a brief description of common faults and the resultant penalty. The best way to learn the rules is during play.

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